Jonathan Scott: Former NFL Lineman



Jonathan it is great to connect here and thanks for taking the time to be with us. You have been able to accomplish a lot so let’s start with your beginnings in Dallas, a hotbed for football and business. Let’s start with your football career. 


For you to have played in the NFL for over a decade is a big deal. Your father, Ray Scott played in the NFL as well. What type of advice did he provide to help you navigate your athletic career over the years? 


The biggest thing I got from my Dad was to stay fighting for the top spot, yet do that with humility and grace. One of the constant things he always said to me was “Stay in the buggy, Son!” 


Jonathan, being an athlete you have experienced many things: from winning a national championship at  University of Texas to playing in the NFL and being in the business arena. Tell us how did those experiences prepare you for being in business? 


By staying hungry for more; by being a lifelong learner. It’s like learning a new technique on the field; after multiple repetitions you become good at that technique. Once you learn that you have to apply and then learn from your execution, whether it’s a good play or a bad one. Nonetheless, you still learn from it. Plus, I just like to be the best at everything I touch and do. What can I say... that competitive spirit lives in me. 


I was once told that “business is a full contact sport” and you are obviously well prepared for it. Let’s talk about your transition into business. You are an entrepreneur and empowerment specialist. One of your enterprises is JRS Capital and Entertainment. Please tell us about this endeavor. 


I have multiple businesses with multiple streams of income. My secret sauce is based on learning from other leaders in their fields. I like to mastermind every move I take and see how I can grow...that’s spiritually and mentally. One thing I learned in business and on the field is that a system will beat out the competition EVERY time. 


Was there a reason why you were attracted to this industry? Were there other athletes that inspired you to go down this road? 


Impassioned to empower others that have been underserved, underrepresented, outcasted, or are just in need of objective advice, is what continued to drive me on and off the football field. My 10- year journey as a professional athlete in the National Football League has served as a conduit and magnified my efforts in the area of service with various philanthropic and non-profit organizations. This stage has also allowed me to exude my greatest talent, which is the passion and ability to empower others to reach their potential no matter the roadblock or odds. Throughout my own journey I have found that reaching back and leading in the effort of change is my greatest passion and my true purpose. 


Are there any new entrepreneurial pursuits that you are working on that you can share with us?


Can’t share at the moment, but I can say, there will be a book coming soon :-). 


Many are not aware of your philanthropic passions. Tell us about some of the causes you currently support. 


National Psoriasis Foundation and Boys & Girls Club, just to name a few. I am big on service not recognition for my service. 


Thanks for that Jonathan. If you had the chance to sit across from a young entrepreneur, what advice would give them to take their enterprise to the next level? 


It’s not how much you make, but how much you keep!


Lastly, you have a choice to block for your favorite running back and favorite quarterback of all time...who would they be? 

The ones I got a chance to block for throughout my entire football career. Wouldn’t change that experience for anything in the world. 


Jonathan, it is great catching up with you. Thanks for the time!