Unshackled Ventures


In 2019 we made 14 investments across industries like Future of Work, Finance and Healthcare, and hired 2 new analysts. To date, our portfolio companies combined have created ~ 300 new jobs. 


As Unshackled’s incredible founder community continues to grow into the next decade, we’re excited to keep on changing the VC funding narrative exactly as we started in 2015: leading investments in immigrant-founded companies.

We’re Unshackled Ventures, the first and only early-stage venture capital fund for immigrant founders. Beyond investing in immigrants, we provide support for the full immigration journey to enable them to spend 100% of their time building companies. Nothing is too early for us. Learn more about what we invest in through our post here.


Feel free to tweet us @unshackledvc or email us at info@unshackledvc.com.