Growing Your Business Remotely


Despite the current business climate, there will still be opportunities to grow your business. You will have to pivot in a new direction. Someone told me today that “just because my path is different doesn’t mean I’m lost.” Working remotely is the “new path” many are taking. Here are some ways you can grow your business remotely. 


Engage your team daily with digital tools. There are tools like Microsoft Teams which are free to use where you can load and work on documents, have chat calls, create mini-teams and check activity. It keeps you abreast of what everyone and what departments are working on. There is also Zoom which is a great video platform to hold meetings, interviews,etc.


Use social media to find new business. Start to pick your ideal companies you want to do business with, find them on various social media platforms and follow them. See what they are posting and if there is something that you truly like then like their posts. You can get a feel of what is important to them, and even find out names of those you can connect to.


Send case studies, blog posts and information to current clients. Be a resource. Write a case study on success you have had with a client, how you helped them grow, cut their expenses,etc. This is a great time to show expertise. Send these to prospects as well.


Keep moving forward during these times. Things will turn around a lot quicker than you realize.


Sanford Ashley is the founder of VC Direct, a digital media outlet for venture capitalists, startups, and sports entities with a focus on public relations, media and business connecting. He is also an e-commerce sales trainer and has spent over ten years in media marketing, and two decades in sales and marketing.