Hiring Your First Sales Rep


Sales is the direct pipeline to revenue. A great product or service will not serve the purpose intended without someone using it. Someone needs to purchase it. As a startup founder you are always sales selling. You are trying to persuade investors, vendors, and people to “buy in “ to you and your company. Eventually you will need to bring on someone to sell your product and services as your company scales. The sales person will represent your company and you! Make sure that the person that you bring on has most of the following qualities.


  • Integrity (being honest at all times)

  • Ambitious

  • Great at communication (verbal and written)

  • Adaptable 

  • Positive attitude

  • An active listener

  • Diligent and hard worker

  • Tenacious

  • Cares about the client and your company

  • Handles pressure well


Selling is not forcing anyone to do anything. It is providing value to the client based on what your company provides. Use these traits to find the right sales rep to help grow your company.

Sanford Ashley is the founder of VC Direct, a digital media outlet for venture capitalists, startups, and sports entities with a focus on public relations, media and business connecting. He is also an e-commerce sales trainer and has spent over ten years in media marketing, and two decades in sales and marketing. Contact him at info@vcdirect.co