Anthony Frasier, Principal ABF Creative 


Anthony Frasier is Principal of  ABF Creative and EIR at Newark Venture Partners. He is a digital strategist, investor, tech entrepreneur, author and speaker. He has been featured in Fast Company and USA Today. Let's find out more about him.

Anthony it is truly a pleasure to talk today. You are quite a busy man and have accomplished a lot in a “short” amount of time. Tell us about Anthony Frasier and your first enterprise “The Phat Startup?”

The Phat Startup was our way of making tech entrepreneurship fun .Hip Hop and entrepreneurship share similar struggles. Hustle, starting from the bottom, and innovation. We wanted young people and even older individuals to have a safe place to be themselves and learn actionable advice from successful people.


Marrying hip hop with tech was a natural progression for you. How much of The Phat Startup played a part in your career progress?

It played a huge part. Hip Hop was all about making something happen despite the odds. You had to be creative. You had to find the shortcuts and the open windows. Ownership was also something Hip Hop taught me. Every rapper had a clothing line and a label. Those were often made fun of, but seeing people like me enterprising had a lasting effect. Seeing moguls made me want to be one.


Anthony you found time to write the book, “Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness, A Young Entrepreneur’s Guide To Thinking and Being Great”. The title alone should make this a required reading! Tell us about that project and the inspiration behind it?

I wanted to write a book that I wish I read when I was 15. This wasn’t supposed to be an answer to every question,but more like a push in the right direction. The title is inspired by imposter syndrome. This is an actual condition people who have untapped potential and talent suffer from. They feel like they don’t belong or that they have to dim their light to make others comfortable. This book is saying you don’t have to do either.


Now you are heavily involved with Newark Venture Partners, located in Newark, NJ. This seems to be a great vc fund for startups. Tell us about NVP and your involvement?

As Entrepreneur in residence I help support the investment decisions from the partners. I also play a role in sourcing new deal flow and occasionally some event programming. I have spent most of my time as EIRin building my next venture, and NVP has been providing resources and support in my journey.


Anthony there are many startups that are either afraid to approach a vc, or do not have the connections for a “warm introduction.” What would you tell a startup that might have the right traction to become a prime candidate for a vc partnership, but are still hesitant?

Start connecting. There are so many founders with startups who are not ready for VC taking up your space. If you have the traction, the team, the market, then you have everything you need to get funded. Also, every VC is different. Study their websites and the types of companies they like to invest in. Not all money is good money. Just cause you hear a no, doesn't mean you have a bad company. Don't equate your company's value to a yes or a no from an investor. The market decides that.


So Anthony..... I have just gave you the mic and asked you to “spit some bars” over your favorite hip hop classic. What track are you picking?

Most likely some bars from Nas. I would spit if I ruled the world!

Thanks for that! Anthony this has been great. I want to thank you for the time. Now how can someone contact you for advisement, speaking engagements and of course to get your book?

You can email me directly or buy my book directly from Amazon!

Thank you sir and even brighter days are ahead for you.